The last word with Anton Taylor

Newlands-based Anton Taylor is a familiar face to those who’ve watched Tali’s Wedding Diary – and anyone who’s spent any time on Instagram recently would have caught his hilarious take on a Capetonian in Joburg! The actor also has a Masters in Creative Writing from UCT, competes in amateur boxing and teaches yoga at House of Yoga in Claremont – and as we’re slap-bang in the frenetic summer season, we thought we’d pick Anton’s brain about his wellness journey, the myths he wants to bust as well as his top spots in Cape Town.  

How did wellness become important to you? I suppose I was lucky in that I had a lot of injuries from sport, and I also wasn’t particularly healthy. I had several operations on my knee, and I used to walk with a small limp. This prompted me to begin looking into ways of being healthy. It was a progressive journey which is still ongoing. I started eating more healthily, stopped drinking, and found yoga. In recent years I’ve really cut down my sugar consumption, and I’ve developed a good sleeping routine. My main project as an adult has just been to feel better and more content.

When did you become interested in yoga? About five years ago I spent a period of time in Mpumalanga, finishing my Master’s thesis. During this time I attended daily yoga classes. Initially it was like torture! I was just so stiff and inflexible. But I had a wonderful teacher and I started to really love it.

What’s the biggest myth that you want to bust? I get frustrated by people who sell services, products, or even just the idea that there are quick fixes and silver bullets. People who say ‘this one life hack cured all my problems’. From my experience, in the journey of feeling better and healthier, it is a long process that sees incremental progress over time.

What’s the weirdest thing about being an actor? I think that it’s the lack of certainty and security. You go for an audition, and most of the time you never hear anything back – not even a ‘sorry, you didn’t get it’. You have to learn to practice detachment: you try your best in the audition and then have to just let go and try to not think about it again.

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