Hout Bay’s Hidden Haberdashery Gem

Discover Fiddlesticks Haberdashery, a beloved shop in Hout Bay supporting local artisans and charitable causes. Join their heartwarming winter donation drive and knit-in event, spreading warmth and creativity in the community.

Step into the heartwarming world of Fiddlesticks Haberdashery, one of Hout Bay’s oldest and most beloved shops. Owned by the dynamic mother and daughter team of Anthea Cooper and Heather Holtman, Fiddlesticks has been the go-to haberdashery in the area since 2006. The story of Fiddlesticks began when Heather, a former air hostess, recognised an opportunity to join forces with her talented mother, who was already running a small shop from her home. Their collaboration proved to be a perfect match, especially as Heather was expecting her second child at the time. “Working with my mom has been an incredible journey”, shares Heather.

However, Fiddlesticks is more than just a retail store. It has become a community hub, supporting local entrepreneurs and giving back to the community that has embraced it. One of their recent initiatives is a heartwarming winter donation drive. Customers can drop off their leftover bits of wool in a designated basket ensuring that no strand goes to waste. These donated treasures are then made available for others who wish to knit beanies or teddies for various charitable causes.  Fiddlesticks kindly asks for a small monetary donation from participants to ensure fairness. Whether it’s R2 or R20, every contribution counts. The funds collected are then donated to different charities each month such as soup kitchens or organisations like Little Lambs. Anthea explains, “Supporting our local entrepreneurs, businesses and charities is important to us.”

In addition to the wool donation initiative, Fiddlesticks encourages the community to drop off clean, soft plastic for their “Re.Bag.Re.Use” program. Local ladies from the community use the plastic to crochet marvellous multifunctional products and a percentage of their sales is donated to local charities. It’s a win-win situation that benefits both the artisans and the causes they support.

On the upcoming Mandela Day, Fiddlesticks invites everyone to join their “knit-in” event. Visit the shop on the 18th of July 2023 and spend 67 minutes knitting. All the scarves and beanies created during this event will be donated to a charity, spreading warmth and love to those in need.

Fiddlesticks Haberdashery is more than a shop; it’s a place where creativity, community and compassion come together. By supporting local artisans and charitable causes, Anthea and Heather have created a special space that nurtures both the creative spirit and the well-being of the Hout Bay community.

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