Purely Local KZN

To my beautiful readers,

As I compose this note from a Sydney café, I’m filled with joy and excitement. This edition is a treasure trove of remarkable stories and individuals embodying KwaZulu-Natal’s vibrant spirit. Among them is The Nurture Hub, which provides vital support for mothers in their beautiful yet challenging journey of motherhood.

Meet Richie Nahkala, securing second place in the Bartending World Class South African Final. His journey to mixology triumph shines in an exclusive interview, illuminating the artistry and innovation in this craft. Indulge in Wicked Donuts’ delectable delights, where creativity meets confectionery mastery. Chunky’s Burger Co. awaits the burger aficionados, offering a taste experience beyond sustenance.

Experience the magic of DreamKid, aka Ryan Morris, the visionary behind nostalgic 80s synthwave tunes. His creative process and inspirations unfold in a captivating interview, transporting you to a neon-lit dreamscape of retro vibes.

This edition reflects the incredible stories, individuals, and spirits flourishing in our province, touching your soul and inspiring action.

We hope you enjoy.
Warmest regards,
Carla Louise Gailey



Words by: Carla Louise Gailey aka. Ryan Morris uses his music to take you on a wild trip down...

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