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With a veritable wellness empire behind her name, Lisa Raleigh was the perfect Joburger to chat with for our Wellness issue! Her business incorporates three brands – bounti rebound exercising, Body Kind activewear and Lr Mindful living, which focuses on dietetics, DNA health analysis, supplements and consultations. Want to find out how she stays balanced and her advice to start on your own wellness journey? Read on!

Tell us about how you developed an interest in wellness?

As a young girl, I was both a dancer and gymnast. I have always been passionate about movement, and this led me to a better understanding of holistic health, the impact of aligning nutrition, mental health and working towards wholeness. I have tried just about every form of exercise, but when I began rebounding (mini trampolining) during my post-natal recovery, I found an unmatched form of movement that heals, strengthens and sustains optimal health.

What brings you the most joy from working in the wellness space?

I’ve always said: “Nothing feels as good, as feeling good feels!”. The many testimonials that we receive daily from people FINALLY feeling good for the first time in their lives, is my source of strength. I have clients on weight loss journeys, clients recovering from trauma, clients battling lifestyle diseases and managing excessive stress. Introducing the concept of practical and sustainable wholeness to clients and empowering them to unlock their own potential through a true understanding of their physicality and uniqueness is a joyous journey.

What are some of the challenges that you’ve had to deal with?

My greatest challenge is dealing with the business side of the business – I’m a creative that really does not enjoy the operational and administrative machinations; this is the world Staf, my husband, orchestrates, and we work well together because it establishes the separation of domains. Lastly, our teams work tirelessly to make the dream possible, and we simply couldn’t do this without their incredible outputs and attitudes.

What is a key moment in your life?

I think that the “a-ha” moments and pivots happen continually as your business evolves. I’ve been burned out and had to take time off to realign my own health. I’ve needed to grow the team and hand over aspects of the business to talented and capable individuals. A major pivotal moment of realisation was probably in the wake of my daughter Bella’s birth, where I had to fundamentally shift how I approached life daily, how I nourished my own body, and the kind of advice I could then bring to others.

Is there an activity that you do to feel balanced and in the right headspace?

One of my key self-hacks is waking up by 4:30am, 7 days a week, which constantly gives me a head start to the day. The first thing I do is my gratitude work, meditating and immersing myself in what I’m thankful for. I also believe in the restorative power of quality sleep and creating the optimal sleep space. Lastly, spending time with my family, especially our daily no-device family dinners, ensures we connect and don’t spend our days rushing past each other!

What advice would you share with someone starting their own wellness journey?

There are NO quick fixes, and NO magic pills. One person’s success story will not be your success story. Start small, with sustainable and attainable goals, and ensure that you’re moving and nourishing yourself based on a true understanding of your own unique traits. And don’t forget to celebrate the small wins along the way!

Where do you go when you need to find calm?

Our home is our sanctuary and we also go for walks and hikes as a family and connect with nature for some life balance. Whenever possible, a family trip to Reunion Island or some down time with my family and friends in KZN restores my soul! I adore making time for travel whenever possible. Exploring, staying curious and immersing myself in new cultures are some of my biggest passions, and favourite ways to break away from the hustle and bustle.

Lastly, what is it that you love about living in Joburg?

Joburg is real. A melting pot of talent, diversity, opportunity and creativity. I love all the hidden gems and surprising places. The business pace is intoxicating and I truly admire the tenacity of Joburgers, who continue to innovate and create – against all odds in many cases! We don’t have mountains or sea over here, so we turn towards each other more so than in other places and I love the humanity, warmth and support that Jozi brings out in us all.

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