The body is a storyteller

Photographer Credit: Kimberley Tocknell (Kayjay Creative).

Words: Derryn Scott.

How fascinating is the language of our heart and body? A language that has few words yet so much richness in knowledge.

Did you know that your body has a mysterious way of knowing? Knowing what you may ask? Everything. It is a powerful inner guide that reveals the truth of who you are. A guide that acts like a compass, paving the way to your greatest dreams.

It was in 2017 when I decided to fully follow my inner voice. This voice motivated me to live courageously. To book a one-way ticket to France to work abroad and explore the world. Whilst I have been on this journey of broadening my horizons, I have noticed that travels within my own self have occurred too. By constantly working through fears, subconscious beliefs and self-doubts, true self-exploration has been by far one of my greatest adventures yet. It has been exhilarating, challenging yet exciting.

With self-reflection, I noticed that I was always in search of something greater, like a golden treasure, yet I didn’t notice that everything that I was looking for, was within me. I believe that what I needed to mostly learn and free myself from, was something that I needed to speak about and share that knowledge with others. The adventure took me on a path where I began to face my biggest fear, which I didn’t know existed – my fear of intimacy.

There was a fear of being seen and heard. Fearful of being emotionally open and vulnerable, fearful of human connection, fearful of being loved deeply and fearful of expressing my sensuality and the wild feminine. Have you ever felt like this?

My body had been numb for years as it was in a state of survival mode. Yet slowly, with guidance, love and curiosity, I started to shed those layers, stripping away conditionings, feelings of guilt, shame, and judgment and being aware of how I have internalised misogyny. It was like stripping naked from an identity that society, educational systems, and generations taught me to be and stepping into the person I have always been. Slowly being guided on a path of Remembrance. Remembering who we are and why we are here.

Due to our hurried culture and seeking outside sources to fill a void, it has become our human nature to forget who we are. With the rise of artificial intelligence, we have become disconnected from the intelligence of our own bodies. Yet it is the most powerful, insightful tool that we all have. The body knows and it sends us messages all the time. In essence and to get to the root, you are already a magnet to your dreams.You are already wildly embodied and you know how to speak with your authentic voice.

From being disconnected from my heart and body, today, I am a woman who is a lover of the human body and how it holds sacred knowledge. My mission is to be a part of a movement, of elevating sensual consciousness and creating transformational environments where others can explore all parts of themselves.

I feel blessed to have a family that has supported me on my journey. My father, who started New Earth, a ladies’ exotic Vellie brand, has also been an inspiration in the launch of my own business.

So are you ready to become a leader in your own life, awaken your sensuality and create an intimate relationship with your being? If it’s a FULL BODY YES, then you’re in the right place. It’s lovely to meet you!

If you are curious about adventuring into the intelligence of your body and heart, then I have opportunities for you! So keep a lookout on my social media pages for dates.

About Our Contributor

Yoga Instructor (500hrs), Embodiment & Intimacy Mentor and Retreat Facilitator. B.A. in Brand Building & Management and completed courses around the world in Movement Medicine, Embodiment, Tantra, Meditation, Shadow work, Mindset work, Conscious Relating and Sacred Sexuality.

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