Sisters Incorporated, a Home Created for Healing

Established in 1959, Sisters Incorporated is a safe haven for abused women, teenagers, and children. Offering a wide variety of services and support to help survivors of abuse through physical, mental, and emotional healing.

The organisation has been rendering services to vulnerable women and their children for over 60 years and has bed space for 28. This is a short term stay of 3 months during a crisis period in their lives.

The aim of the organisation is to help the women to begin to heal therapeutically through holistic care and to empower them to take up the threads of their lives when it is time for them to re-enter the community.

Sisters Incorporated would like to obtain a second house to offer long term stay to the women and their children as many of the women who may need more than the 3 months in their care. The organisation is also hoping to start offering accredited courses that can help improve the life of those in their care as education is a vital process in one’s freedom and independence. Sisters Incorporated believes in equipping and empowering women with the tools to help them get back on their feet and create safer environments for themselves and their families.

Sisters Incorporated is in need of funding in the hopes of getting a second house for their long term stay plan. Check out to find out more on how you can help and about the wonderful team behind the organisation, working hard to create a safe space of support for the survivors.

Below is a glimpse into one of the rooms they provide them with.

An item made by one of the residents.

Here is some of the staff at work during 16 days of activism.